MCX Trading in India : The New Revolution In Trading Commodities

Multi Commodity Exchange of India is a commodity exchange platform which works independently. Online trading of commodities is facilitated for traders by the settlement and clearing of commodities’ future transactions.

This in turn provides a platform for managing risks. This new avenue was established by Indian markets for retail investors and traders to participate in. The MCX market trades different types of commodities including bullion such as gold and silver, base or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum coper and nickel, energy products including crude oil and natural gas and agricultural commodities.

MCX live made little sense until in the recent times. Investing in commodities like gold and silver or even oil seeds in the future markets was quite hard and retail investors could have done little in this.

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However the setting up of triple multi-commodity exchange in the country enabled the retail investors to trade in the commodity futures without a physical stock.

The commodity futures market plays a big role in risks sharing and pooling of information. The mediation between buyers and sellers of commodities has facilitated decisions relating to the consumption and storage of those commodities making the underlying market more liquid.

MCX Trading Market Timings :

Trading on the live MCX commodity exchange platform takes place on all the days of the week. Saturday, Sundays and holidays declares by the exchange are the only exceptional trading days. The market for the agricultural commodities opens at 10.00 hours and closes at 17.00 hours. The market timings for the bullion, metals, crude oil and international linked agricultural commodities is between 10.00 hours and 23.30 hours.

The client modification in MCX is only allowed between 17.00 hours and 17.15 hours this being in respect to contracts traded up to 17.00 hours. As for contracts traded up to 23.30 hours, client code modification is allowed between 23.30 hours and 23.45 hours. Where on the trading day exchange has taken place up to 23.55 hours modification will only happen between 23.55 hours and 23.59 hours.

You can watch live mcx price at in India for MCX trading.

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